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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Have you been involved in an accident that left you unable to work and bring in the money you need to pay your bills, put food on your table and put gas in your car?

Mrs. Cash provides lawsuit funding to residents of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens, NY who have filed a civil lawsuit, are planning to file a lawsuit and are represented by an attorney, as well as those who are waiting for payment from a settlement and need cash right now.

If you are strapped for cash while patiently waiting for your settlement from a lawsuit, Mrs. Cash can help you secure the funds you need to make ends meet while working through this financially rough time of your life.

Lawsuit Funding for Plaintiffs and Attorneys

Regardless of the type of lawsuit that has been filed, on the path to being filed, or settled, Mrs. Cash can help bring you out of the red and into more financially stable territory while you wait for the settlement you deserve rather than take a small payout from an insurance company that is only a fraction of what you and your attorney believe you can settle with in court.

Personal injury suits arise from injuries incurred through a variety of situations, such as slips and falls, auto accidents, product liability issues, and an assortment of other circumstances that may lead to danger.

Living in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens, NY has its perks, but cost of living is expensive compared to other regions, and most households rely on two incomes to make ends meet. Those who have suffered an injury that leaves them unable to work their normal job or forces them to significantly cut back on the hours they work may be struggling to pay for bills and everyday items.

The experts at Mrs. Cash know that personal injury victims and plaintiffs involved in an ongoing lawsuit sometimes need some help to pay for monthly bills like mortgage or rent, as well as their medical bills to treat their injury and the variety of other living expenses while awaiting a verdict, settlement, or simply to pay their attorney’s fees.

How is Mrs. Cash paid for the funding we provide?

There are NO fees or other up-front payments to Mrs. Cash. We only get paid if you win your case. That means you won’t be slammed with fees, interest or any other monetary issues following your case.

If you win, we collect a previously agreed upon portion of the settlement. Our goal is to help you make it through the difficult financial times with as little after-effects as possible.

Our Firm Provides Lawsuit Funding for the Following Cases:

  • Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding
  • Premises Liability/Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Funding
  • Airplane Accident Lawsuit Funding
  • Fire and Explosion Accident Lawsuit Funding
  • Construction Accident Lawsuit Funding
  • Dog Bite Accident Lawsuit Funding
  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding
  • Product Liability Lawsuit Funding
  • Train Accident Lawsuit Funding
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding
  • Work Related Accident Lawsuit Funding

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We do what the banks can’t do- helping hard-working people get back on their feet, financially, while involved in a lawsuit when people only have a possible lawsuit settlement as collateral. Mrs. Cash gives plaintiffs throughout Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens options so they don’t have to accept a low-ball settlement in order to make their rent or other bills. Contact us today or take our simple 30 second application to see if you qualify.

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