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About Our Firm

Mrs. Cash is a lawsuit funding finance company that helps Plaintiffs and Attorneys currently engaged in a lawsuit with the financial help that is typically needed. We understand that the lawsuit process could be both time and financially consuming. Mrs. Cash. hopes to help its clients resolve some of the financial distress associated with the lawsuit by providing them with non-recourse funding. What this means to our clients is that if they don’t get paid we don’t get paid. If you are not successful in winning your lawsuit they you do not need to repay the loan. We understand that everyone has daily financial obligations that can pile up while waiting for a lawsuit to settle, especially if the lawsuit prevents you from working. Mrs. Cash provides quick and easy access to money so that you can continue to live and pay your bills until your case settles for the maximum amount you are entitled to.

Mrs. Cash was founded by a group of investors who saw the growing need for lawsuit funding. Many clients were forced to take settlements for lower amounts because the insurance companies knew they couldn’t wait any longer. Mrs. Cash sought to prevent this injustice from happening in the future by providing plaintiffs with financial assistance during the lawsuit so that they could receive the maximum amount of settlement they deserve. Our team of experts, originate from backgrounds including medical malpractice, no fault, and finance. We also have personal injury attorneys on staff that are able to evaluate the cases quickly to provide an immediate approval.

With three convenient offices located in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, it is easy to schedule an in person, no obligation consultation. We have counselors on staff able to speak to you in your language, whether it be Spanish, Russian, French or Creole. Mrs. Cash’s main goal is to get you the loan you need to meet you household needs until your case is justly settled.