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Attorney Funding

Attorneys shouldn’t have to put growing their business on hold while they anxiously wait to receive their portion of the payouts from successful trials or settlements. Most attorneys throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx, NY know that they may sometimes be forced to wait years to receive their portion of the settlement or verdicts in favor of their client, and they can face significant cash-flow issues during and after litigation.

Attorney funding, otherwise known as lawyer funding or law firm loans, can help keep your business stay afloat and running smoothly as your previous successful cases are fully resolved and you await your payout. Mrs. Cash, LLC provides provides attorney funding quickly so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about finances and expected payouts that you need to stay successful and take on more cases to help more people.

Lawsuits don’t only cost the plaintiff and defendant money; if an attorney is working on a contingency fee-based model or other similar financial structure, then the legal team may be losing money trying to run their business while working a case on the potential payout if the judgement is in favor of their client. This is especially true in personal injury-related lawsuits, which may take years to resolve due to the defense attempting to settle out of court with paltry offers that an attorney would never advise their client to take. The defense may even appeal a verdict that awarded the plaintiff a hefty sum in an effort to prolong the process even further and overturn the outcome.

Attorney funding from Mrs. Cash allows lawyers and their clients to continue seeking legal justice without taking the first settlement offer and holding out for the payout the client and their attorney deserves.

The cash advance Mrs. Cash provides gives attorneys time to create their arguments, and gather witnesses and evidence in order to present the strongest case possible- without having to worry about the mounting expenses associated with the process and keeping their business running.

Attorney Funding Application Review

Mrs. Cash, LLC reviews your application for attorney funding and if approved, determines the cash amount almost immediately. You could have your money as soon as possible, so you don’t need to wait more than a couple of days to find out if you are approved and the amount for which you are approved.

Mrs. Cash, LLC does not look into your credit history or other financial assets in order to make a decision. We review your pending case file in order to determine the amount you can expect to recover in the form of lawsuit settlements or court judgements in the short and long term- this allows us to come up with a figure that will help you with case costs for big cases and day-to-day business cash flow.