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28 May

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Our firm works with people throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx involved in personal injury cases who are in need of some monetary assistance as they await their settlement offer or trial verdict. Unfortunately, personal injury cases can extend long periods of time, and 700,000 claims in the US each year. At Mrs. Cash, all of […]

5 May

Cash Advances on Personal Injury Claims Provided by Mrs. Cash

Mrs. Cash works with personal injury plaintiffs in Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx, so we are very familiar with the countless types of personal injury cases seen in the courts and in settlement throughout the area. Every year in the US, there are about 700,000 personal injury claims filed. The injured may attempt to obtain the […]

30 Apr

About the Pre-Settlement Phase

Did you know that the average length of time that a legal claim remains in the pre-settlement stage is 297 days? At any time in the United States, at least 896,000 legal claims are in the pre settlement phase, making the funding industry necessary for the plaintiffs anxiously awaiting their offers or a verdict in […]

10 Apr

Pre-Settlement Cash Advances, Explained

The time span between a claim being filed by a plaintiff (in the case of Mrs. Cash’s clients, it’s personal injury plaintiff), but before a settlement agreement has been reached. Essentially it is the time in which legal matters haven’t been resolved by verdict or judgment. If a member of the household who normally worked […]

25 Mar

Pre-Settlement Funding for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Whether medical bills are piling up, or the inability to work is hindering one’s financial health at a particular point in time, it’s often those who need it the most who are forced to take what they can get. Accepting low ball settlement offers often isn’t a choice for plaintiffs- they may need the money […]

5 Mar

About Mrs. Cash – Advance Funds Product

It’s hard to believe that lawsuit pre-settlement cash advances can be available in as little as 24 hours to eligible plaintiffs involved in personal injury legal proceedings. As long as the plaintiff has initiated a legal case and has hired an attorney, Mrs. Cash may be able to provide funds to the victim if their […]

25 Feb

No Credit Check Required for Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

A person in the midst of tough financial times is often desperate to obtain funds in order to pay their bills and continue a decent way of life. Accident victims are among the most financially vulnerable individuals, as some personal injury plaintiffs are forced to stop working or have to significantly cut back their hours […]

10 Feb

Non-Recourse Lawsuit Settlement Funding

In our last blog, we discussed that lawsuit cash advances enable people who would not otherwise have the funds to hire a lawyer and go to court for a personal injury lawsuit pursue legal justice for their injury and the defendant’s negligence or other wrongdoing. At Mrs. Cash, we help our clients throughout Brooklyn, Bronx […]

25 Jan

Lawsuit Funding Enables People to Seek Justice

Lawsuits cost money, which deters countless would-be personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs from seeking justice, even if they have a very strong case. Unfortunately, countless people in Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx don’t pursue legal action because their finances have put a hard limit on what they can spend. In extreme cases, the victim could be debilitated […]

10 Jan

Cash Advances, Pre-Settlement Funding for Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx Residents

Mrs. Cash provides a sorely needed product for plaintiffs in personal injury trials. Whether the plaintiff has been seriously injured in a car accident, is a victim of medical malpractice or was attacked by a dog and is still recovering from a severe bite, the client and their family may be going through very hard […]