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Pre-Settlement Funding

Have you been injured and you are currently waiting for your lawsuit to settle? Do you need cash to help you fund your legal bills and pay your day to day expenses while you pursue legal action in a civil lawsuit? Residents of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens, NY should not have to suffer financially while waiting for a lawsuit settlement. If you are a Plaintiff, who is currently in the pre-settlement phase of a lawsuit, you should not let concern over the cost of attorney’s fees, medical bills or your daily expenses deter you from seeking legal justice.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens

Whether or not you have already won your case, Mrs. Cash can provide funding for legal costs, medical bills and your day to day expenses while you await the lawsuit verdict. If you are a victim who is currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you might be unable to work or possibly need to your hours at work due to the injury. Situations such as these may cause financial troubles that could lead to a variety of monetary problems for you, now and in the future.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is particularly helpful if your attorneys believe you have a solid case against the defendant, and are confident they will win the case. There are some cases, however, when you will need money prior to the settlement of your case, in order to pay legal fees. Mrs. Cash is here to help you.

Securing lawsuit funding from Mrs. Cash gives you and other hard-working residents of Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens financial peace of mind when entering into a lawsuit that they believe best represents their rights as a plaintiff in the case. Mrs. Cash provides cash advances to plaintiffs in all types of lawsuits. Don’t let monetary limitations force you to accept an offer that doesn’t properly reflect your lawsuit.

Mrs. Cash is not a bank, or a financial institution. We simply provide fast cash against the financial award expected when your case reaches a verdict. If you don’t win, we don’t either. You, the Plaintiff is under no obligation to pay us back if your case is lost.

Mrs. Cash is here to help you. Beginning the conversation is as simple as filling out our fast and simple online application. Upon completion, you are well on your way to securing the finances you need. Let Mrs. Cash help you make it through your legal process while you and your attorneys work hard to collect the settlement you deserve.

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If you live in Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens, NY, contact Mrs. Cash today to see how we can give you financial peace of mind while you seek legal justice. Our financial services will allow you to move on with your life without any financial risk against the settlement you may win.